Samba Ninja is a Sydney-based community drumming band led by Tom the Pom. We are ninjas that play samba. We are not strictly a samba band. We are not strictly ninjas either.

We play a mix of traditional Brazilian and West African styles with samba instruments. Half of what we play are our own compositions. Try to spot which ones and enjoy the music.

We are open to new members!
Experienced players preferred but noobies with drive and commitment are welcome. All instruments and tuitition provided but we expect some dedication.
We practice every Weds in Alexandria, 7pm to 9pm
We play festivals and parades, paid gigs and the occasional cheeky action.
Get in touch!

Upcoming Gigs

Check out our Instagram or Facebook page for the latest info on our gigs.

COVID 19 has spoilt all our fun.
We are keen to get out and play again so please do get in touch.
We would play at the opening of a packet of biscuits!

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